Artwork call out for our 2021 Calendar

Dear artists, designers and illustrators,

We hope that you are well and safe during these unusual times.

We are getting ready to put together the Herbalists Without Borders Bristol 2021 calendar. As our main source of funding, the calendar is crucial to the ongoing work of the project. And it is also extremely popular. At home and abroad, over 2,000 copies of both our 2018 and 2019 calendars were sold!

As I am sure you are aware, the Herbalists Without Borders Bristol calendar is widely renowned for the beauty of its artwork, and we want to acknowledge that without these voluntary creative contributions the success of the calendar would not be possible.

We hope you will help us to create another beautiful and useful calendar.

Are you someone that has an interest or a practice in botanical line drawing, photography or lino/woodcutting and is able to turn around a black and white, bold & simple plant drawing or image on a short deadline? If you are, please get in touch at by 6th August with a link or a file with examples of your work. By 15th August, we will then get in touch and ask you to send us a piece in your chosen medium of one of our 12 chosen herbs by 1st September.

We have chosen twelve amazing medicinal plants which support our immune system and care for our respiratory system, and we need your talents to showcase their beauty! The list of herbs are below:
• Oyster mushroom
• Spruce
• Coltsfoot
• Comfrey
• Elderflower
• Blackcurrant
• Passionflower
• Marshmallow (leaf and flower)
• Hops
• Angelica
• Echinacea
• Holly & Ivy
• Onion

We realise that our deadlines are tight. COVID-19 brings with it many uncertainties around access to printing and other elements essential for the production of this calendar.

Thank you for your ongoing support. x

(Below are some beautiful image examples by Rosanna Morris Prints
and that we used in previous calendars).

Calendar artwork eg